Do you spend days entering contests, only to see perhaps a $5.00 gift certificate for your hard efforts? What if you could win several $1,000's in prizes in a month, with less than one hour of your time  a day?"

"Can it happen? Yes. Does this software work? Yes, of course!"
And best of all, it's free!

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What if you could fill in hundreds of contest forms in minutes, not days,  and instead of repeating boring, repetitive tasks typing in the same information to try and win contests, you could actually focus your valuable time on more interesting things, like finding new prizes to win, or actually enjoying the prizes you do win??

Introducing the Contest Ninja Elite! - The ONLY contest software that allows you to easily and effortlessly enter, track and submit contests for multiple profiles! This tool was designed to make it as easy as possible for you to take control of your contesting efforts, and win much, much, more, while saving that one precious and valuable resource you have, which is time.

Here are a few of the immediate benefits you get from using this software:

Built-in DQ (Disqualification) Protection

Ok, one of the main concerns of contestors when using any kind of software is the possibility of having an entry disqualified because of doing it incorrectly, or 'automatically' entering contests the 'wrong' way. This software helps prevent and protect you against any DQ, while speeding up the process, and here is how it does it:
  • The software works similar to Roboform (with or without Roboform Companion), which is how a lot of serious contestors currently submit contests.

    Some contestors manually type in everything, but most tend to use RoboForm for "automatically filling" in form information/repetitive information, which this software does, except this software is available for free. The software is not "automatic" in the sense that it would 'hammer' a website so to speak (in which case, of course it would be a DQ). Some contestors want to do that, but the software has safeguards to prevent that.

  • 100% Automatic Submissions are possible (including automatically submitting the 'submit' button), but with DQ protection

    The software does support 'automatically' filling in a form, and then in some cases, actually 'automatically' clicking on a submit button (similar to RoboForm Companion). However, it protects you against DQ's in that:

    (a) You get to choose what type of contest it is (1-time, daily, monthly, etc). The software then remembers this, so that you can't enter more than once in the allotted time, so you won't get DQ'd. For example, if you chose automatic submission, but had already entered, the software would simply skip that entry until you were allowed to enter again

    (b) If you choose to enter every contest 'automatically', it allows you to simulate human entries (i.e., so you don't say enter 1000 contests in 1 minute, but can make it take 3-4 hours if you wish). So basically, you can have the software randomly wait a certain amount of time before clicking the 'submit' button, so it looks more 'natural'.

    (c) You get to 'choose' while profiles are submitted to which contests. Some contests only want you to enter a maximum of one person per household, while others may allow you to enter your entire family, even including your grandmother. You can choose which family members or friends can enter which contests on a contest by contest basis.

  • Entries are unique, from your computer, thus preventing DQ's The problem with some other 'automated' solutions is that they either submit your name from exactly the same IP address (which is basically like a postal code for computers), or add some kind of 'tag' or 'marker' to any kind of submissions (i.e., in website server logs it would say 'This was submitted by XYZ company!'). These kinds of entries are exceptionally easy to track and DQ (disqualify).

    ContestNinjaElite, on the other hand, allows you to submit from your computer, so it won't look like you are submitting for thousands of people, because you aren't. You are only submitting for yourself (and/or close friends/family members), from your computer. Plus, the software does not include any kind of 'tag' or 'marker' in submissions, so it looks 100% like you have opened your browser window, navigated to a contest, filled in the information, and then clicked on the submit button. This again, helps maximize your winnings and help prevent any kind of possible DQ. (Incidentally, the reason it looks that way, is because the software actually does open a browser window, fill in the information, and so forth! :) It does it just like a person!)

  • Proxy Servers and Cookie Management Some contestors want to enter multiple profiles, but are concerned about multiple entries coming from the same IP address. This software does allow you to specify proxy servers to go through (if you still want to enter contests for other members), and/or clear your browser cookies (so you can enter a second time, and so forth). This feature is for advanced power users who really want control of when and how they enter contests. This way, you are able to follow the rules of the contest, and maximizing you winnings while minimizing any chance of any kind of DQ.

Basically, the software faciliates entering the 'repetitive' information, such as first name, last name, address, etc (so they don't need to manually type that in say 1000 times, if they entered 1000 contests). Basically very similiar to Roboform, except you can also categorize the contests, use the winning tracker to keep track of winnings, make sure you don't enter too often, etc, etc.

Super Fast Contest Entry

Create a profile once, and speed up entering contests through automatic form filling. The software also protects against and helps prevent any DQ's (disqualifications) from happening as mentioned above, in that it allows you to decide which contests should be entered when, how often they should be entered, and which contests should be entered automatically or manually. If you wanted, you could enter thousands of contests with only the click of a button, and the software, with it's built in AI engine (Artificial Intelligence), would simulate a human entering the contests to prevent any kind of DQ from happening, while maximizing the number of prizes you can win. 

Manual or 100% Automatic Submission with Built-In [DQ] Protection!

Many contests are able to be filled 100% on automatic auto-pilot. This is great for daily contests, monthly contests, and so forth! You do still need to visit the sponsor website/webpage every time you enter a contest, but this software makes it much easier for you in that it will automatically fill out information for you, so you don't have to spend countless hours on repetitive tasks. Instead of wasting your time on boring tasks, you can focus on having fun, which is the whole point of contesting! Plus, instead focus on what the sponsor has to offer you, while at the same time increasing your chances of winning a contest, and feeling good about it!

Ability to fill in Flash Forms!!

This software allows you to easily fill in flash-enabled contest website forms! No longer do you have to manually type in information for yourself, then for family, then for friends, and repeat the same boring repetitive task over, and over again on a daily basis. Easily fill in the information once, then simply click a button 

Easily import contests from other software!

If you are entering contests the old way, or a slow way such as through browser bookmarks, or using RoboForm, this software allows you to easily import those contests with a click of the button! Afterwards, you can get started immediately on entering contests!


Dear Contestor,

Imagine this. You have one of two possible lives. One without the software. And one with the software.

Example - You enter contests, without this software.

You wake up at 5:30 a.m., no software to help you find, organize, or track your contests. You just start surfing the internet. You find a couple contests, but a bunch of popup windows appear that you have to close. You start typing in your name and address, only to realize that your browser freezes, crashes, and automatically closes. So you open up your browser to try and find out where you were, a little bit frustrated.

You spend three hours, only to realize that in that time you've only entered five contests, and that you still haven't eaten breakfast yet. You wonder how on earth other people could be winning thousands of dollars in prizes per month only spending one hour per day, while here you are slaving in front of a computer, lucky to maybe see $5.00 in gift certificates a month. You sigh, look out the window, and imagine what it would be like, if only you just got your lucky break. You know you deserve to win, and it's just not fair that others are while you aren't. You sigh again, because now it's time to go to work, and no prize notification at your door, yet...

Now... Imagine your life... WITH this software.

You wake up, 7:30 a.m. Brush your teeth, turn on the computer. You want to enter some contests, so you start up some software, click a button, and 10 new contests that you can enter are automatically downloaded. You click another button, and automatically, this software starts submitting your name, your address to 100 contest websites. Total time so far. 3 minutes.

Before you eat breakfast, you then decide to check your e-mail, and to your amazement, your eyes get wide and your mouth drops because you find you've won a $50 gift certificate to a favourite restaurant of yours, plus another $100 for a grocery shopping spree. You wake up your significant other to tell him or her the good news, and they kind of laugh, with a smile saying, "Another prize, huh? Wow... you certainly are lucky!". You smile to yourself, knowing that you deserve this, and wonder whether you really should go to work or not today. You think that is just so cool. You smile again. Total time so far, 5 minutes.

You decide, yes, what the heck, of course you should go to work. Otherwise who else can you tell about your prize winnings? Just think.. what Sally will say when she finds out you've won, again, and what Bill will think of your winning streak... And then the high fives and pats on the back you'll get from everyone else. Everyone smiling, saying how lucky you are. And of course the odd person who is a little more friendly, because he or she wants you to spend a little bit of your winnings on them :) And should you? Well, yeah, maybe... And you smile.

Only the top 1% of contestors who win consistently and win a lot of prizes, know that its not just how much time you spend entering contests, but rather, it is how many contests you enter in the time that you have.

Contesting is a numbers game. The more contests you enter, the better your chances of winning. And wouldn't you much rather be spending your time enjoying your prizes that you win, rather than sitting in front of a computer all day, typing, hoping that you might win something more?

So how and why did this software happen?

My mother loves entering contests... Ever since I was a child, if she saw a ballot box, she would quickly run back to make sure she entered her name, my name, and sometimes the rest of my family... for a chance to win a prize. In fact, I admit sometimes I made faces when we would be walking out of a store, then my mother saw a contest and told us to just wait a second while she quickly entered her name. But she won.

Fast forward 20 years... My mother still loves entering contests. However, the landscape has changed. Now, a lot of companies create contests online. However, because contests are a lot more accessible, sometimes it now means you have to enter a lot more to keep up your chances of winning.

So one day my mother and I were talking. She was telling me how me how she now enters contests online. How she has read about successful contestors who enter thousands of contests a week. And amazingly, can "make" upwards of $30k/year simply from entering contests alone.

And then she said, wouldn't it be nice if that could be done automatically and save a lot of time? What if there was a program that organized contests easily... What if she could focus her efforts on finding new contests and prizes, as opposed to spending her time making sure she typed in everything correctly? If only she knew someone in a software company... Gosh... Who in her family did she know that might be able to do such a thing? :)

Well... I admit she did have to ask me a few times before I took a serious look at it... I then realized that there were a lot of people like her. Heck, I've entered the occassional contest, realized it was a lot of work, and wanted an easier way. (Not to mention I think around that time she was so excited because she had won a $500 gift certificate, shared $100 with me, then asked me again ;))

And so this software was born!

I've personally spent almost a year in the testing, the development, and creation of this software, plus not to mention listening to feedback from other users such as yourself, to make this the best contesting software possible! 

So why on earth is it free if it so great?

Well, I admit at first I was a bit reluctant to make this available for free. Especially after all the time and money that was personally invested in it, not to mention the time & effort other inviduals invested in it as well. Originally it was going to be $29.95 US, but then realized a couple things.

(a) Contestors love free stuff, so naturally this software should be free to use as well.

(b) Individuals and companies who have great contests, products and services to share with you can advertise their contests through the software (and you can too if you want to! :)). So in a way, by sponsoring the software they are making it possible for you to use it for free.

(c) I wanted to get it out there for people to use now :) As well, this software is in 'beta' mode. This means that while it is close to perfect, there still might be some things that need to be fixed. So if you find something, use the feedback form within the software to send a message. Plus, there might be a charge to use it in the future, but right now, it's free to use.

Introducing the Contest Ninja Elite!

The newest, and easiest way of entering contests online! Have forms filled automatically the very first time you visit them, while at the same time the software protects you against DQ's (disqualifications), teach the software how to fill in flash forms with a couple clicks of the mouse and have flash forms automatically filled in, manage your winnings, plus much more!

Anyone not using this software is preventing themselves from getting prizes that they could otherwise win, and deserve to win... And it today's world, that can be the difference between a few dollars in prizes, and thousands of dollars in prize winnings...


Don't just take my word for it. Listen to what other people have to say about the Contest Ninja Elite, right after getting the software!

"You have a winner."

BTW. Neat software. I think you have a winner. (Pardon the pun)

Mike, Arkanescripts

"So what does Contest Ninja Elite for you?"

Save hours by automatically Fill Contests the FIRST TIME you visit a website

You do not need to manually type in information, which can be time consuming and tedious like some other software programs. Instead, the software intelligently guesses what should be filled in where. If it makes a mistake, or cannot fill in a particular field, correcting it is as simple as a click of the button. Simply right click on a field, select what type of information should be there (such as a First Name, Last Name, Address field, etc) -- and the software will automatically fill it in. 

Save more time to enjoy prizes you win by automatically filling in MULTIPLE PROFILES with ONLY A SINGLE MOUSE CLICK

Once you have loaded in a contest, and have all the fields correctly filled out -- to fill it in with new information is exceptionally easy! Literally all you have to do is simply click on a different profile name (such as your mother, father, brother, sister or friend) -- and the software automatically fills in the other contest details for you. No other software does this!

Enjoy your morning coffee and no longer worry when Filling in Flash Contest Forms!

With this software, you can easily fill in flash based contests. So no longer do you have to get sore fingers typing the same information over and over. Simply tell the software how it should fill in a flash form the first time, and when you visit it again, it can automatically fill in the details with the press of a button.

Organize your prizes with the Winnings Tracker!

Easily see how much you've won with the winnings tracker, and follow up with companies that still need to send you your prizes! All you need to do is add the prize information to a particular user, and then you will be able to easily view that with the click of a button!


Advanced Functionality for Power Users!

If you are concerned about multiple entries, the software supports things like the ability to use proxy servers for entering contests. Plus, you can sort what types of contests you have (such as daily contests, weekly contests, and so forth). You can switch contest views as well!

Plus much more!

Try out the software for yourself and see all the cool features, plus how much easier it is entering contests with this software! And... best of all... If you have an idea and would like to see it become a reality, send an e-mail using the feedback form!

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